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Hardness Testers - Australia

We sell and stock Portable and Bench Mounted Hardness Testers in Australia. Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell and Leeb are the scales they measure in.

These hardness testers are designed to measure and analyze metals such as steel, alloys, aluminium, brass, copper and more for hardness to determine fit-for-purpose, QA checking after work hardening and life expectancy testing due to corrosion and external weathering.

Hardness Testers most commonly come in two styles. They are the Bench Mounted Type and the Portable Hardness tester. The Bench Mounted Hardness tester is used for smaller components and sometimes requires a cross sectional cut of the item and then mounted in a resin and polished. This provides a smooth surface finish for high accuracy hardness testing results. This is usually a higher priced alternative to the portable hardness testers.

In the range of Bench Mounted Hardness Testers, we are agents for the Future-Tech brand from Japan and the TIME brand from China. We also have access to other brands throughout the world. Portable Hardness testers are designed in the LEEB scale and are based on rebound technology. The harder the material, the higher the preset steel ball bounces from a controlled energy load. This bounce is converted into the scale of LEEB. This is then converted into the standard scales of Rockwell C, Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell B and MPA strength.

These testers can come with an integrated mechanism or a separate indenter on a fly-lead. They can be supplied with a Reference Hardness Test Block for self calibration of the tester. Some models have the capability to switch between hardness scales and store hardness test results into memory.

These results can either be printed via a Bluetooth printer or downloaded to a computer via RS-232 or USB cables depending on the hardness tester.

Testequip is a specialist in hardness testers and keep a variety of options in stock. Please contact us and we will be able to assist in the correct selection of the best Hardness tester for your application.


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